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Welcome to the practical discipleship training community for young adults

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Too many young adults find themselves here:

Feel called by God to make an impact but don’t know the best way to get started

Want to experience Church beyond Sundays but aren’t confident in their ability to lead

Wish they had a community of friends and mentors for stepping out in faith but feel alone

If that’s you…

FORM is your next step.

FORM is a 9-month experience to discover your identity as a leader and to develop the skills and habits to move deeper into your calling.

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You can live and lead like Jesus

Discover the 7 areas of growth you can focus on to become a more mature disciple of Jesus

Become Jesus' apprentice.

  • Go deeper in prayer, personally and in community
  • Discern God’s voice and hear from him yourself
  • Establish sustainable life patterns of rest and work
  • Create daily, weekly, and other regular habits of abiding with God
  • Gain practical tools for building rich community
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Transform into a missionary in everyday life.

  • Practice sharing your faith
  • Invite others into your life
  • Participate in social justice locally and internationally
  • Become a cultural expert by engaging media, news, and art thoughtfully
  • Adopt godly views on race, poverty, and political issues
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Be confident in who God made you to be.

  • Know your identity in Christ
  • Learn from your personality types
  • Grow in your spiritual giftings
  • Experience inner healing
  • Gain practical wisdom for personal finances
  • Discover how to lead others out of your strengths
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Live a Biblical, Spirit-Led Life.

  • Learn to discern God’s voice
  • Discover the practice of prophecy through Scripture, words, pictures, and dreams
  • Learn how to pray for healing, balancing practical tips with expectant faith
  • Grow in your expressions of worship
  • Intercede in prayer on behalf of others
  • Teach others how to listen to the Holy Spirit
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Get Leadership Experience for in the Church and the Workplace.

  • Shadow and learn from leaders with international influence in the missional movement
  • Participate in internships in various ministries
  • Lead church staff prayers and devotionals
  • Know when to give grace and truth to those you are leading
  • Discover how to disciple small groups of people
  • Lead others as you are led by the Holy Spirit
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Sustain Healthy Relationships

  • Experience rich community with other members of your cohort and families throughout the church
  • Grow in conflict resolution
  • Build robust emotional intelligence for the workplace
  • Receive healing from broken relationships
  • Gain a solid foundation for Biblical sexuality and purity
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Gain practical, Biblical skills.

  • Learn how to read the Bible… and put it in to practice!
  • Discover how to lead others and teach the Scriptures in various settings
  • Engage relevant cultural topics theologically (like Gender, Sexuality, Race, and more)
  • Enrich your understanding of core doctrines of the Church
  • Understand what beliefs are primary to faith in Jesus, and wrestle with challenging topics and different perspectives on secondary beliefs
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FORM has shifted my perception of ministry and forever changed my approach to reaching people with the Gospel. FORM experience = Priceless.

FORM Student, 2016
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From “Someday” to Today.

Discover why FORM could be your next step.

Michael Teller 1:03

Be shaped by the lifestyle of Jesus, not the culture around us.

Mya Brown 0:51

God speaks to us today in all sorts of ways. Are you listening?

Cody Howerzyl 0:59

Consider it pure joy to be refined in the struggle, and do it with others.


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Who is FORM for?

If you are a young adult who follows Jesus, FORM is the incredible opportunity for you to go deeper with Jesus, live like Jesus, and make an impact with Jesus.

  • Young Adults eager to grow in leadership, discipleship, and mission
  • Those eager to influence their workplace or industry
  • People graduating high school, taking classes in college, entering the workforce, preparing for local or oversees missionary work, and more
  • Single or Married
  • Those who feel called to vocational ministry or a life of church leadership (paid or unpaid)
  • Ages 18-29
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Get ready for a life-changing year of self discovery and leadership training.

2 Ways to Engage. 1 Vision for Discipleship.

New for the 2020-21 cohort, we’re introducing two ways to benefit from FORM’s incredible content and training. FORM Core continues the legacy of daytime, immersive experiences. FORM Access is our *new* option to experience FORM one night a week!


$95 (per month for 9 months)

Practical Discipleship Training Community

Access to Nationally Recognized Teachers

30 Teachings and Trainings (watch one per week on your own time)

One Evening Per Week for Huddle to Process the Content Together

4 Immersive Weekend Retreats (Optional)

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$1,750 (Total Cost)

Practical Discipleship Training Community

Access to Nationally Recognized Teachers

60 Teachings and Trainings (in-person)

Two Half-Days Per Week for Teaching, Training, Huddles, Lunch with Staff, and Internships

4 Immersive Weekend Retreats (Included)

Internship with a Ministry Leader (min. ~5 hrs/week)

Access to Church Staff Leaders

Options to Live with a Missional Family or in a Home with Other FORM Students

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FORM has drastically changed my life. It has pruned my character, altered my life goals, produced many skills I was unaware I had. It has given me a deep hunger and thirst for Holy Spirit, His presence and His power.

FORM Student, 2017