Four videos to equip you to hear God’s voice and step out in faith.

  Discover God’s Voice

  Discern What He’s Saying

  Step Out in Faith

Gain practical tools for confidently hearing God speak to you.

Video 1:

God wants to speak to you.

Video 2:

How is God getting your attention?

Video 3:

What is God saying to you?

Video 4:

What are you going to do about it?

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

Does God still speak today, and how?

How can I be sure it’s God and not my imagination?

How can I seek God for direction in my life?

Why does it feel like God speaks to others and not me?

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Growing up in church, I didn't really know that God spoke to us and was doing that constantly. Since joining FORM, I've grown in my ability to take time to listen to the Lord and I've been hearing from him in ways that I didn't think I could.

Mya BrownFORM Student 2019-20