The 4-Part course on hearing God’s voice and responding in faith

Do you wish you had more confidence in your ability to hear from God?

If you’re a young adult desiring to hear from God more clearly, this course is for you. Watch these videos, put the principles into practice, and start confidently hearing from God today.

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How to Hear from God with Confidence

Does God still speak to us today? If he does, how can we be sure we’re hearing his voice and not our own thoughts, cultural influences, or mood at the time? Consider these questions, and more, in CLARITY by FORM.

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Part 1

God Wants to Speak to You

What if you could be confident about hearing God’s voice and responding in faith, rather than second-guessing? The first step is knowing God loves you and wants to speak to you.

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Part 2

How is God getting your attention?

God uses any number of people, circumstances, and moments to get our attention. The question is, will we pause long enough to listen?

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Part 3

What is God saying to you?

The million dollar question. Whether it’s for big life decisions for small, everyday closeness, what is God saying to you?

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Part 4

What are you going to do about it?

Those who put God’s word into practice are like the guy who built his house on the solid rock instead of sand. Will you be someone who steps out in faith?

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A Lifetime of Listening

This course is just the beginning. God is always speaking to us, and it’s a constant process of listening and stepping out in faith that marks a lifetime of discipleship to Jesus.

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My confidence has increased since starting FORM. I feel much more at peace, and I have come to realize that my identity is in God alone and not in how others perceive me.

FORM Student, 2020
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